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“I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie.” – Scott… and Me Too.

Kid Cudi. | RED.

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Road to Cudi Weekend. | The End. | =(

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 9.46.04 AM Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 9.46.46 AM Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 9.47.59 AM


Last night was one cool ass gig. Lonely stoners EVERYWHERE!

Besides a stampede of like 1,000+ people to get to the actual secret SECRET venue, Kid Cudi and his team were ON POINT, really, I loved every bit of the BlackBerry Secret Gig with sweat dripping down my brows, into my mouth and into my shoes.

Can’t it be last night everyday?!

Seriously, Scott is the most amazing performer I’ve had the honor of witnessing. Being his first time time in South Africa he was humble and expressed love with the greatest sincerity. Yea, we sang along to all his tracks, surprised him like BAM! Hug, hug… kiss, kiss…! Ha!

Now, Kid Cudi, Dot Da Genius and Chip The Ripper are leaving… *Sigh*.



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Road to Cudi Weekend. | Tonight.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 3.34.39 PM


Forget specific tweets, I’m screen-shooting entire pages. The anticipation has me sulking at the thought that after tonight it’ll all be over. *SOB*

Maintaining the excitement still and packing ninja smoke for the abduction.


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Road to Cudi Weekend. | Tweets From ZA.

kid 1 (2) kid 2 kid 3 kid 4 (2)


I have been “favouriting” all his tweets since he started tweeting from South Africa. He’s out there. ♥♥


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Road to Cudi Weekend. | Winning!

Cudi_ZA Cudi_Za

This is the story of how I won tickets to go see Scott live on 23.02.13 in Jo’burg:

In the beginning there was me. I wanted to win tickets to go see Kid Cudi perform SO BAD that I entered EVERY competition that was running and well, I won… twice… well technically once because the two Facebook Pages G & G Productions and Rage Festival SA are the same thing but that’s a story for another day.

The end.

So, this morning [22.02.12] I received the email with the info of where to be at what time for the super secret location tomorrow night [23.02.13]. This is going to be the raddest night to date man. I feel like such a ninja. Tihi!


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Road to Cudi weekend. | 5fm.


That SUPERFAN prize is THE ONE. Totally calling in on 21.02.2013.


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