Ngcono Ihlwempu Kunesibhanxo Sesityebi. (Better Poor Than a Rich Puppet)



I seem to be rather confused this morning. I heard of another Zuma’s schlong painting on the news today apparently done by Ayanda Mabulu but I haven’t seen said painting.

See thing with artists it their mind’s are too complex for my simpleton thinking but I rather like the above controversial painting, simply because it’s rather accurate and unlike my human counterparts I don’t know why people are offended. [Shrugs].

Here’s a little more of Ayanda’s work. While the intellectual and more than 10% percent brain users have their in-depth analysis I just call these “cool”. Maybe I’m just into ignorant tom foolery. [Shrugs Some More].

I shit you not if I could paint, I’d be doing shits like this:

Intelligent Fool.

Primitive Weapon.

Umvandedwa Wamaphupha. (Fear of Living Black)

Sukumani Vukani Aniboni Na? (Distorted Existentialism)

I like Ayanda Mabulu’s work it’s quirky, witty and I don’t give a fuckey. I understand every single one of these paintings, they all make sense. Something about the truth hurting something something something…

NB: I’m not one of those people you can entrust with anyone’s future. It happens.



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