Cruel Summer in » Chi Town.

South African People:

The premiere of Kanye West’s slickly stylised short art film, “Cruel Summer”, created a major buzz at the Cannes Film Festival – partly because he was joined by girlfriend  Kim Kardashian at the Palm Beach launch party…but largely because of the pioneering 7-screen experience that was brought to Kanye’s Cannes debut by a South African company, CANOC.

CANOC’S sponsorship of the event meant that delighted viewers were treated to an immersive cinematic surround vision extravaganza with seven screens in front, on the sides, on the floor…and on the ceiling above them.

Kanye’s film was inspired by the new G.O.O.D. Music album ‘Cruel Summer’ and created by Donda. The film begins with a trapdoor opening on the ceiling screen, includes fantastic panoramic scenes – three camels climbing a dune to the right, a falcon enveloping the audience as it spreads its wings on all seven screens, and a blind girl running through a black and white mansion that stretches from far left to far right.

It’s a fusion of short film and art installation, and a unique experience for the eyes and ears, unlike anything West has attempted before.

It was a perfect fit for Kanye to partner with CANOC (Creating A Nation of Creatives) – a black-owned South African based creative agency whose mandate is to create a platform through which extraordinary concepts in the global entertainment space are introduced.

With their partnership with Kanye West, Canoc is making moves in the global sphere. And the company – which is based in Observatory, Johannesburg – already has plans in motion to expand globally, according to Canoc Productions Managing Director, Pleasure Letsoalo.

Known for bringing artists such as Tyga, Trey Songz Rick Ross and Drake to South African stages, the recent restructuring of Canoc – which began last year – into a creative agency has placed Canoc Productions in a position to launch a series of lifestyle finger-print concepts geared to take the South African entertainment industry to the next level.

Music Television:

Kanye West doesn’t know how to do small, so whenever the rapper unveils a new project it’s almost always on the biggest platform possible. That explains why his new “short art film,” “Cruel Summer,” will debut on the fabulous Palm Beach in Cannes, France during the Cannes Film Festival.

The hush-hush movie, inspired by the upcoming all-star G.O.O.D. Music album
 of the same name, will world premiere on May 23 and remain open to the public for two days afterward. It is being screened out of competition in Cannes amid the world-famous film fest.

And, this being Kanye, the project is described as, “a fusion of short film and art installation … an immersive ‘7 screen experience’ for the eyes and ears unlike anything West has attempted before.” Among those listed as starring in the film are comedian Aziz Ansari, Kid Cudi, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal (“Djinn”) and Palestinian actor Ali Suliman (“The Kingdom”). Yeezy is listed as the producer, writer and director of the effort, based on a screenplay by Elon Rutberg, who was the associate director of the Throne’s “N—-s in Paris” video. The co-director is Alexandre Moors, who worked with West on “Runaway” as well as the “Paris” clip.

Kanye and Cudi were spotted filming scenes for the movie
 earlier this year in the middle eastern nation of Qatar, but little or no information has emerged about the subject matter or plot of the project. Expectations are high given the over-the-top look and feel of ‘Ye’s last mini-flick, 2010’s “Runaway.”




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