Third World Problems.

“A controversial depiction of President Jacob Zuma with his fly open and manhood exposed was one of the first works to sell when Brett Murray’s new exhibition opened at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg this week.

A visiting art lover reportedly walked in off the street and bought the 1.85m-high piece, along with a few others.

The work was priced at R136 000 in the exhibition catalogue.

“I’m delighted,” said satirical artist Murray when contacted this week. “It wasn’t the kind of work I expected to sell. It was more about an idea. I didn’t think someone would want to hang it in their lounge and live with it – even though it is rather well hung.”

Critics of the work will be relieved to hear that the buyer lives in Europe and that the work will be shipped off when the show closes.” – Charl Blignaut.

I really don’t worry about my country anymore, every nation has its own problems, all of them funny, sad, weird, shocking. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Well, Sunday 20 May 2012…

And then Tuesday May 22nd…

I digs the white guys cool.

I still don’t care. At least now we know it’s not all racial.
Security guards don’t get much action so they WILL KICK YOUR ASS for cameras.

Know this next time you want to deface a Jacob Zuma painting.

It’s like watching a movie yo, that super cop security nigga didn’t HAVE to head-bud the dude by hey what a little dramatic effect amoungst country men yea.

To be continued… Again.

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