Call Me. XOXO.

It’s been some time since we were bombarded by a perfect pop song, and even longer since we’ve been bombarded by a perfect pop song from a young Canadian pop idol, but 26-year-old Carly Rae Jepsen has fulfilled both world shortages with a single, maddeningly addicting song: “Call Me Maybe.”

For us (especially outside of Canada, where it’s already been certified platinum), Jepsen Mania has only just begun. And the girl deserves it: She’s recorded a flawless pop song. It’s been out since September, but we’re fast approaching the phase in which we will be virtually incapable of escaping the song and its strident disco strings and that horribly catchy hook. Resistance is futile, people: As much as I want to hate this song, I have listened to it seven times today (maybe more like 10 times) and I am not yet sick of it.

Jepsen signed with Bieber-maker Scooter Braun’s label Schoolboy Records last month, after Justin heard the song on the radio and told Braun it was “the best pop song out there.” That’s like Michael Jordan ceding his title to Kobe.

The video’s cool ofcourse and the ending priceless. LOL_

[Too Cute.]


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