00:00:22 Just saying, live your motherfucking life.
00:00:23 You got to get your motherfucking hustle.
00:00:25 Understand niggas is gonna hate you regardless.
00:00:27 Get that out of your head, that fantasy world where niggas ain’t hating on you.
00:00:31 You got to be grateful.
00:00:33 You need haters.
00:00:34 What the fuck is you complaining about?
00:00:35 What the fuck do you think a hater’s job is?
00:00:38 To fucking hate, so let them motherfuckers do they goddamn job.
00:00:41 What the fuck is you complaining about?
00:00:43 Ladies, if you got 14 women hating on you, you need to figure out how the fuck to get to 16 before the summer get here.
00:00:51 What the fuck is you mad about?
00:00:55 Fellas, if you got 20 haters, you need 40 of them motherfuckers.
00:00:58 What is you complaining about?
00:00:59 If there’s any haters in here right now that don’t have nobody to hate on, feel free to hate on me.
00:01:04 Sit back there and say my hair ain’t luxurious when you know it is, bitch.
00:01:11 Dipset, dipset.
00:01:15 I’m enjoying my motherfucking life.
00:01:16 That’s all I’m saying.
00:01:18 I advise you to do the same.
00:01:19 Do shit that make you happy.
00:01:20 Go out and get you some white friends.
00:01:22 Get you some white motherfucking friends.
00:01:25 You ain’t got to sleep with them, but you gonna need them motherfuckers.
00:01:27 If you go to jail and call your nigga friends, these motherfuckers will interrogate you more than the goddamn police did.
00:01:35 They’ll have your ass on the phone: “Where the fuck was you at?
00:01:38 “What the fuck was you doing?
00:01:40 ” not your white friends.
00:01:43 Them motherfuckers will be there by the time you hang up the phone.
00:01:46 And they’ll be madder than you, just– “what the fuck did he do?
00:01:51 “Murder! murdered who?
00:01:53 “Look, I’ve fucking known him for two weeks.
00:01:54 “Got to love white people.
00:01:58 I don’t give a fuck what you say, white people are friendly.
00:02:01 You can call them motherfuckers up 00 in the morning with the wrong number, and they won’t even be mad at you.
00:02:07 THEY: [imitates ringing phone] Hello.
00:02:09 No, I’m sorry, no shaquita here.
00:02:12 Well, what number did you dial?
00:02:14 No, it’s a nine, not a seven.
00:02:17 Well, try it.
00:02:18 If it doesn’t work, call me back.
00:02:19 We’ll figure this thing out.
00:02:25 Got to love white people.
00:02:28 It’s thanks to white people we know anything about wild animals.
00:02:31 Do you realize that?
00:02:32 Niggas have never in the history of niggadom discovered a wild animal.
00:02:36 Not one.
00:02:36 Not a wild pit bull, nothing, ’cause we too cautious.
00:02:40 Niggas don’t discover shit.
00:02:42 We don’t get close enough to discover.
00:02:44 Niggas take no chances.
00:02:45 Just, “wait, nigga, is that a rottweiler or a bear?
00:02:47 “White people, though– let me say this.
00:02:58 Y’all need some nigga friends.
00:02:59 Get you some nigga friends.
00:03:00 Just don’t ever, ever call them your nigga friends.
00:03:03 Don’t ever– that’ll fuck the relationship up.
00:03:07 “There’s my nigger friend.
00:03:09 “You guys say it all the time.
00:03:11 “White people, you need your nigga friends so they can tell you when shit is not appropriate.
00:03:18 First of all, white people, please stop putting them little blue leashes on your children.
00:03:22 Please?
00:03:23 Stop doing that.
00:03:24 That is only entertainment for niggas.
00:03:27 That’s all that is.
00:03:28 We be excited as a motherfucker.
00:03:29 “That’s why white kids grow up and kill everybody in the goddamn school, ’cause you done treated them like a german shepherd ever since they was three.
00:03:40 “Look at niggas laughing like we know what the fuck to do with our kids.
00:03:58 We don’t know what the fuck to do with our kids neither.
00:04:01 Look, I know all comics come on stage and say, “you need to beat your kids,” but as a father, let me just say publicly, ..
00:04:11 Publicly.
00:04:14 We are tired of going to the grocery store to see you beat your motherfucking babies.
00:04:17 Maybe your baby ain’t bad, bitch; maybe youse a bad mother.
00:04:20 Did you ever think of that, you retarded motherfucker?
00:04:23 That is a toddler.
00:04:24 Your baby’s supposed to like skittles, you ignorant bitch.
00:04:27 Soon as your baby touch the skittles, you, “what the fuck did I tell you, motherfucker?
00:04:34 “What did I say in the car, bitch?
00:04:35 Got to love white people.
00:04:52 Got to fucking love them.
00:04:53 But white people, your nigga friends– they can help you.
00:04:57 Where my spanish people at?
00:04:58 Where the spanish people?
00:04:59 We ought to thank all 17 of y’all for coming.
00:05:02 We appreciate that.
00:05:04 I know most of you motherfuckers roll together.
00:05:06 Y’all motherfuckers are efficient.
00:05:08 You ever seen them come to a club?
00:05:10 There be 39 of them motherfuckers in the same car, just– like, bitch, that is a ford focus.
00:05:26 How many motherfuckers is in there?
00:05:37 But you need your spanish friends.
00:05:40 Don’t nobody party like them motherfuckers.
00:05:42 Nobody in the world party like them motherfuckers, ’cause they don’t need shit that niggas need.
00:05:47 They don’t need invitations or streamers or balloons or nothing.
00:05:51 Them motherfuckers only need a front yard ..
00:06:00 Niggas can’t even go to they parties, ’cause they don’t never end.
00:06:04 Fuck, you have a party last 3 1/2 motherfucking months.
00:06:07 Just got niggas in there hostage, just– “i want to go home.
00:06:18 Spanish people, you got to get you some nigga friends too so they can tell you when shit is not appropriate.
00:06:28 We are tired of going to the laundromat to see you in there.
00:06:32 Your baby girl is all of seven years old.
00:06:35 This bitch has on a wedding dress and soccer shoes.
00:06:38 Where the fuck is she going?
00:06:41 Is she marrying bleach?
00:06:43 This bitch– all I’m saying, spanish people, is, if you are pushing a stroller through the mall and your child’s feet can touch the ground out the stroller, let littleesewalk then.
00:07:04 This motherfucker’s 13 goddamn years old with a cigarette and a sidekick.
00:07:10 All I’m saying is, life is too short for racism.
00:10:26 We all got motherfucking problems.
00:10:28 But we can learn.
00:10:29 We can learn.
00:10:30 Just, niggas, just fuck that.
00:10:32 Just don’t try to do everything with your white friends.
00:10:37 Don’t get drunk with your white friends.
00:10:41 Can’t do it.
00:10:42 Can’t fucking do it.
00:10:43 They don’t drink like niggas.
00:10:44 Niggas, we are very consistent.
00:10:45 If a nigga drink hennessey, that’s what the fuck that nigga drink.
00:10:48 That’s what he drink: hennessey.
00:10:49 You ain’t got to keep asking him.
00:10:51 That’s what he drink on monday, wednesday, friday, his birthday, jesus’ birthday: hennessey.
00:10:57 If they don’t have hennessey, he will take remy as a backup.
00:11:01 That’s as far as it goes.
00:11:03 White people don’t care what they drink.
00:11:06 All they care about is what they said when they was leaving the house.
00:11:09 That’s all the fuck they care about.
00:11:19 Them motherfuckers, you got to be careful, niggas, ’cause they tricky.
00:11:22 White people like to buy the drink.
00:11:24 As a nigga, we are not prepared to turn down a free goddamn drink.
00:11:28 We don’t give a fuck what it is.
00:11:29 Like, “this is unleaded?
00:11:32 “That’s spicier than a motherfucker.
00:11:34 “I had to find out the hard way.
00:11:38 I’m drinking with some white people.
00:11:39 They’re buying me these goddamn drinks.
00:11:41 The shit was delicious.
00:11:43 It was called sambuca, and I should have known.
00:11:45 That don’t even sound like no shit a nigga should be drinking any goddamn way.
00:11:48 Sound like one of my african cousins or some shit.
00:11:51 But the shit was delicious, but it was coffee and alcohol together.
00:11:55 I was knocking them bitches back.
00:11:57 It wasn’t till I got fucked up that I realized ..
00:12:03 Maybe this is not the right combination of shit for a nigga to be fucked up on, ’cause now I’m fucked up.
00:12:10 I’m at the house, and nigga is fucked up, but I can’t pass out.
00:12:14 I’m just in the house, “nigga, I’m fucked up.
00:12:17 “No, I’m cool, nigga.
00:12:18 I’m cool, nigga, I’m cool.
00:12:19 “Fuck that.
00:12:22 “We got to start having fun like white people have fun, though.
00:12:29 We be thinking white people can’t dance.
00:12:30 White people be too fucked up to dance.
00:12:33 That’s how niggas used to do.
00:12:34 Remember we used to go to the club and have fun and shit?
00:12:37 Nigga used to go and have fun?
00:12:38 We can’t have fun now.
00:12:39 Niggas just in the club watching other niggas and shit, just waiting on some shit to pop off.
00:12:43 Get real high and go to the club next time, ’cause that fuck it in your system will help you out.
00:12:48 Just go in the club and make up your own motherfucking dance and see how much fun your goddamn ass have while motherfuckers watching you.
00:12:56 [Music starts] Yeah, like when that song come on, just walk in the club.
00:13:02 Get real high and walk in and make up your own dance, just– I’m just saying have some fun in your life.
00:13:55 Life is short.
00:14:21 Can I do it one time for the folk?
00:14:23 One time for the folk.
00:14:25 Can I get a yea-ah?
00:14:27 (audience) YEA-AH!
00:14:28 Can I get a yea-ah?
00:14:30 (audience) YEA-AH!
00:14:31 Can I get a what?
00:14:32 (audience) WHAT?
00:14:33 Can I get a what?
00:14:35 (audience) WHAT!
00:14:36 Well, let me get an okay!
00:14:38 (audience) OKAY!
00:14:40 Atl, ho!
00:14:53 You got to go in a jam listening to that nigga music.
00:14:55 That nigga’s music gets you fucked up.
00:14:59 Be in a room full of strangers talking about, “fuck them niggas on the southside.
00:15:08 “Nigga, where’s my compass?
00:15:09 “Where’s my compass?
00:15:11 The feel this lower ache in my back.. I found my sleep number… and I don’t have the pain in the morning anymore.
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00:15:36 It feels like my lower back, like there’s no pressure on it at all.
00:15:39 Every day, thousands of people lose their back pain because they found a revolution in sleep called the Sleep Number Bed.
00:15:45 This is probably the longest I’ve been on my back.
00:15:48 I usually can’t stay in this position.
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00:15:52 While ordinary beds can cause back pain, the Sleep Number bed can actually take back pain away.
00:15:57 Within about six or seven days, I started waking up without pain.
00:16:00 It was just phenomenal.
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00:16:05 A week after sleeping on the Sleep Number bed, I can stand straight up.
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00:16:11 It calibrates to the precise zone of comfort your body needs.
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00:16:21 It’s no secret steel-spring mattresses create pressure points that can cause pain.
00:16:25 So this is the bed that relieves the back pain ordinary beds can cause!
00:16:29 It just makes sense to me.
00:16:30 That you’re really calibrating the bed to fit your body.
00:16:33 Remember, in clinical studies the Sleep Number Bed relieved back pain in an astonishing 93% of the people.
00:16:40 Call now to discover the Sleep Number Bed.
00:16:42 It’s not just for the eight hours you sleep.
00:16:44 It’s for the sixteen hours you don’t.
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00:17:02 Ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial.
00:17:10 Call now.
00:17:10 Or whenever you feel like losing your back pain.
00:18:36 Just saying you got to enjoy your motherfucking life.
00:18:38 Life is too fucking short for bullshit.
00:18:40 I’m in hollywood now.
00:18:41 I’m finding out most of the shit I thought was real ain’t even real.
00:18:45 I met dmx nine months ago.
00:18:47 This nigga is two inches taller than me.
00:18:50 I don’t know why the fuck I thought that nigga was 6’12” or something.
00:18:54 That nigga is my size.
00:18:56 Yeah, he really talk like that.
00:18:57 We in the restaurant, he: “Hell, bitch!
00:18:59 Nigga, why are you hollering?
00:19:06 “You know that nigga wasn’t shit in school, couldn’t cheat at all.
00:19:13 Just, “hell, bitch, what’s the answer to ” [barking] “Nigga, you need to be in the special class.
00:19:20 “I met omarion.
00:19:29 This nigga is the king of dancing for a motherfucking reason.
00:19:33 ‘Cause all while you trying to talk to this simple motherfucker, he is practicing his goddamn dance moves.
00:19:38 I’m trying to have a conversation, ..
00:19:44 Touch what, nigga?
00:19:46 This is–” I met shaquille o’neal.
00:19:51 I was so motherfucking happy to meet that nigga.
00:19:53 Then I find out I can’t be this nigga’s friend in public, ’cause he just too motherfucking tall.
00:19:58 How the fuck?
00:19:59 Look, I’m trying to congratulate you on a good game, and you got your dick all on my forehead region.
00:20:15 This is bullshit, nigga.
00:20:21 At least if you in the atl and a nigga doing drugs in the atl, the nigga at least excuse hisself.
00:20:28 Go to the bathroom or some shit.
00:20:29 Niggas in hollywood just do the drugs right in front of you and act like ain’t shit happened.
00:20:33 You in the middle of a goddamn meeting, they, “yeah, so what we’re gonna do is, “we’re gonna do the movie with you, ..” “nigga, did you know that I can see you?
00:20:49 “Nigga, you right there. it’s on your nose.
00:20:52 “Motherfuckers be gay in hollywood you never fucking expected.
00:21:02 They be having these big-ass mansion parties.
00:21:04 In the mansion party, the whole mansion is a party, and then it’s a separate party in the little rooms.
00:21:09 I ain’t been famous that goddamn long.
00:21:11 I’m excited than a motherfucker to be at the mansion party.
00:21:13 You be looking at all the goddamn rooms, and you fuck around and look in the wrong room and shit.
00:21:31 “Nigga, come here.
00:21:33 “Come here.
00:21:34 “Is that two niggas kissing?
00:21:36 “He came out the closet.
00:21:44 “He came out the closet.
00:21:45 “All I’m saying is, our country is in turmoil right now.
00:21:59 Real niggas versus bitch niggas.
00:22:01 And bitch niggas is getting stronger than a motherfucker.
00:22:04 These motherfuckers got power and shit.
00:22:06 Understand that the game ain’t the same.
00:22:08 Martha stewart and lil kim both had to go to prison, to prison.
00:22:14 Now, let’s look at the crime.
00:22:15 Fuck them, look at the crime.
00:22:17 Martha stewart, this was her crime: The bitch had her money in an account.
00:22:20 A motherfucker came up to her and was like, “psst, psst.
00:22:25 “Martha, if you don’t move your money, ” and she moved her motherfucking money.
00:22:33 Now, maybe in a white family’s household, this is a felony, but to niggas, this is a motherfucking hookup.
00:22:39 And niggas is going to jail over a hookup.
00:22:47 Lil kim went to jail for not snitching.
00:22:52 Give you that one more again: Not snitching, for doing what your mama told you to do.
00:22:57 Didn’t your mama ever say, “stop tattle-telling all the motherfucking time, lil– ” that’s what the fuck she went to prison for.
00:23:05 Meanwhile michael jackson is freer than a motherfucker, smelling like little boys’ booty holes, and I’m supposed to be excited.
00:23:15 Fuck michael.
00:23:15 I know, I’m supposed to be happy ’cause he used to be black.
00:23:18 I know, I know.
00:23:19 I remember.
00:23:21 Fuck that.
00:23:21 Michael forgot he was a nigga.
00:23:23 He forgot he was a nigga.
00:23:24 He forgot he was a nigga, that it was us supporting him.
00:23:27 When he had that big-ass, greasy-ass, bell pepper-ass nose, that was us.
00:23:32 Then the motherfucker want to get white, and we kept giving the nigga chances and shit with the vitiligo shit.
00:23:37 You know that ain’t no real goddamn shit.
00:23:40 What nigga you know called vitiligo?
00:23:41 It’d be a line as big as a motherfucker to catch vitiligo.
00:23:44 You mean, I can get my credit rating up to 720 by catching this shit?
00:23:49 Fuck michael.
00:23:50 Fuck him, fuck him.
00:23:51 I don’t give a fuck how good you can sing and dance.
00:23:54 I got babies, you nasty motherfucker.
00:23:56 You can’t play with little boys’ booty holes.
00:23:58 And some of y’all looking at me, like, “i can’t believe you saying that.
00:24:02 “Fuck a setup.
00:24:03 Don’t nobody say the same shit about you for 20 goddamn years.
00:24:07 What the fuck is you talking about?
00:24:09 If a motherfucker call you a crackhead for 20 years, bitch, you are smoking crack.
00:24:14 Whitney done smoked her kneecaps off, ” fuck michael.
00:27:32 He spent his whole life trying to be a white woman, his whole motherfucking life.
00:27:35 Then as soon as the nigga get in trouble, now he want to be surrounded by muslims and shit.
00:27:39 Michael, you ain’t no motherfucking muslim.
00:27:41 You got a white woman pork face.
00:27:45 How you gonna be a muslim?
00:27:46 Half your face is pork, michael.
00:27:49 Fuck michael.
00:27:49 Gonna get on tv and lie to us and tell us shit don’t make no fucking sense.
00:27:54 This nigga climbing up in trees and shit talking about, ” no, motherfucker, we got bills and shit.
00:28:02 Take your peter pan ass and make some peanut butter or some shit.
00:28:06 Fuck michael.
00:28:06 Telling niggas that done paid good money for him, telling us shit that don’t make no goddamn sense.
00:28:12 Talking about he put his nigga dick in a white woman and came out with two babies that ain’t mixed.
00:28:16 Who the fuck do you think you talking to, nigga?
00:28:19 I’m a grown motherfucking man.
00:28:21 You put a nigga dick in a white woman and got two blond, blue-eyed babies?
00:28:25 Nigga, fuck you.
00:28:26 Fuck you.
00:28:27 One of them baby’s name is blanket.
00:28:29 “You can’t name a nigga baby nothing soft, not blanket, quilt, comforter, none of that shit.
00:28:39 Fuck michael.
00:28:42 We know what the fuck michael doing.
00:28:44 We been knowing how michael was.
00:28:45 If you don’t believe me, tell me, when’s the last time michael was in a relationship that you believed?
00:28:51 Don’t worry; I’ll wait.
00:28:54 When was the last time you was like, “michael is fucking the shit out of that bitch”?
00:28:58 Not never.
00:28:59 That motherfucker showing up to press conferences.
00:29:02 He got emmanuel lewis sitti on his motherfucking lap, and we like, “oh, that’s cute,” forgetting the fact that emmanuel lewis was 26 motherfucking years old at the goddamn time.
00:29:14 Fuck that nigga.
00:29:16 He just on the balcony, picking little boys ..
00:29:25 Michael can’t fucking lie to me.
00:29:30 I’m a grown motherfucking man.
00:29:31 I love bitches.
00:29:32 That’s my shit.
00:29:33 I love bitches.
00:29:34 So if you go to my house and search shit at my house, that ain’t for me; it’s for bitches.
00:29:38 I got a regular bed with regular pillows, and I got two pillow.


And everything that stood out on Pimp Chronicles Pt. I

  • White people you did not get a receipt for niggas, you can not return us!
  • Don’t give me that shit that weeds a drug. It aint no motherfuckin drug. Ive done the research. Its just a plant. It just grows like that. And if you just happen to set it on fire there are some effects.
  • Weed was put on this earth for niggers on the struggle and its got a chemical called fuck it!
  • Fuck Michael Jackson, smelling like little 5 year old booty-holes and shit…fuck him.
  • If you ain’t got no job and you ain’t smokin’ no weed, I dont know what the fuck you are doing wit yo life.
  • In about 14 and 3/4 minutes your body will go into autopilot….After that you are free to do the stupid shit…Like looking at ya own dick…and I think I speak for all niggas in attendance today when I say there ain’t nothing better than looking at ya own dick.
  • If your pussy was so good, you would drive a better car.
  • Spanish people you gotta get you some nigga friends too so they can tell you when shit is is not appropriate we are tired of going to the laundry mat to see you in there your baby girl is all but seven years old this bitch has a wedding dress and soccer shoes on WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE GOIN? IS SHE MARRYING BLEACH!?
  • Aspirin is perfectly legal, but if you take 13 of them mutha fuckers, it’ll be your last headache.
  • Gas is so mother’fuckin high. Hot Damn gas. Shit!! You are not supposed to be at the gas station making life decisions. You just at the pump, “Did i eat today?” “I can get no half a tank, ive got 3 cigarettes.”
  • You angry at breakfast nigga? you gang bangin on bacon nigga?
  • How do you get a job and fuck up everything! everything? Everything!
  • Just hit the blunt one time and see if it don’t change your perception on whats important in your life.
  • If you 25 years old and you still walkin around talkin bout niggas aint shit you need to get a handle on yo mutha fuckin life and take some responsibility bitch. What you mean to say is all the niggas you fuck wit aint shit. You need to figure out what it is about your pussy that keep attractin aint shit niggas.
  • Don’t give me that shit that weed’s a drug. It ain’t no motherfuckin’ drug. I’ve done the research. It’s just a plant. It just grows like that. And if you just happen to set it on fire…
  • Mexicans, all I’m saying is if your kids in the stroller and his feet can touch the ground, let little essay walk then! He in there with a sidekick and a cigarette, “Push faster ese.”
  • “Shumminina Shoulda Bought A Honda!”
  • Sit back there and say my hair ain’t luxurious, when you know it is, bitch!
  • We got our soldiers fighting gangsta niggas. Them terrorists is gangsta. How the fuck you gonna scare somebody that wanna die? Like: ‘I’ll kill your mothafuckin ass.’ ‘Thank you very much.’ What the fuck?”
  • Those mothafuckas is gangstas. They don’t be bluffin’ neither. We be thinkin’ they bluffin’, they won’t be bluffin’. They’ll be right there on National TV just [in a stereotypical Iraqi accent] ‘If you are not do, what we are say to do, tomorrow at Twelve o’clock, we’re going to cut off his head’. We bet ‘That’s a bullshit, ain’t nobody gonn’ cut off a mothafuckin head on National TV’. Very next day at 11:59 they just” [covers the lower half of his face with his jacket, looks at the watch and knocks the mic-stand over].
  • We be like Shiiiit. Play it again play it again. Shiiiit. Them mothafuckas we can’t be bullshit with them. We gotta get our soldiers away from them mothafuckas.
  • You don’t believe our government gangsta? Tell me what the Iraqi uniform look like. [short pause] Don’t worry, I’ll wait. We ain’t killin’ they army nigga, we killin’ them. We over there killin’ niggas in tank tops, sweatpants, flip-flops and a cowboy hat. You shouldn’t have been talkin’ shit.
  • Never in the history of niggadom.
  • Just soon they see you, just ‘Nigga, nigga, nigga. Remember that shit I gave you last week, nigga? It’s nothing, nigga. It’s nothing. Nigga, it’s nothing. This shit right here, nigga! This shit right here, nigga! Right here, this shit nigga!’ Always has some fucked up name. ‘It’s kryptachronicunnalite, nigga!
  • “You done got with us niggas–now you talking about, “You fucked up my self-esteem.” Bitch, it’s called SELF esteem. It’s esteem of your mother-fuckin’ SELF, Bitch!
  • “Long as you been living, you ain’t NEVER heard of a mother-fucker overdosin’ on marijuana. You might-a THOUGHT that nigga was dead–he ain’t dead. He gonna wake up in 30 minutes hungry enough to eat up everything in your house. That’s the side effects: hungry, happy, sleepy.
  • “Don’t get drunk with your white friends. Can’t do it. Can’t effing do it. They don’t drink like black people. We are very consistent. If a brotha drink Hennessy…that what the eff that brotha drinks. You aint gotta keep asking. That’s what he gon drink on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, his birthday, Jesus birthday…Hennessy. If they don’t have Hennessy he will take Remy as a backup, thats as far as it go. White people don’t give a fuck what they drink. All they care about is what they was sayin when they was leavin the house… ‘Tonight we’re gettin fucked up.”


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