Because I Was That Tuks’ Biggest Fan Thingie.

Tuks Senganga’s much anticipated Footprints album, which was expected in stores on 31 March this year, has been pushed back.

The popular Motswako rapper says this is due to an unforeseen demand for his fourth album Tshwanelo, which was re-released four weeks ago.

“There has always been a huge demand for Tshwanelo so we decided to rerelease it this year. As you know, that album was not properly distributed and many people were still looking for it. It is now available everywhere and the response has been overwhelming so I decided to hold Footprints for a while so that fans can buy Tshwanelo,” explains Tuks.

Tshwanelo was initially released in November 2010. Tuks says the rerelease is testament to the shortage of capable distribution companies in the industry. “Distribution in South Africa is a major challenge. Many companies will tell you that they will have your album everywhere but that usually never happens and the sad part is that distribution is very essential, you can’t do without it.”

Pushing back Footprints has also given Tuks more time to refine some new tracks. “I have taken a lot of time to listen to the album and I have actually realised that some tracks may need to be polished further,” says the 31 year old rapper.

The album, which features Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), Blaklez, N’veigh, Tu-Klaps and Lydia Caesar, will now be released at the end of May through Tuks’ record label, June/July Productions.

Tuks says he is particularly impressed with a track called ‘Ka legetla’, which he wants his fans to pay close attention to. “Two versions of this track exist. One is produced by Beat Junky and it’s an upbeat dance tune infused with the Sophiatown sound. It is classic that people enjoy when I perform and the other version is produced by Towdeemac. It is a mellower tune with a Tuks signature story telling.”

Other noteworthy tracks on Footprints include the already popular ‘Love angel”, featuring UK singer Lydia Caesar and ‘Bona fela’, which has been used as a soundtrack on SABC1.

On production Tuks worked with the likes of Nyambz, Sean Pages and Dome. A promotional tour for the new album is on the cards.




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