Rudz: The Colour of Music is GREEN.

The Colour of Music is GREEN Festival:

“Colour of Music is GREEN Festival is aimed at bringing entertainment and education to the outlying areas of South Africa which at most instances are ignored when it comes to informative and entertainment based initiatives. The focus to The Colour of Music is GREEN Festival is to ensure that people from outlying areas get an equal opportunity to information.
The Colour of Music is GREEN Festival uses music as a catalyst to spread the message of global warming and it’s effects on our environment. Today we are facing random climate changes which at most are detrimental to our environment and therefore it is imperative that our societies are educated and informed as to what they can do on their daily lives to lessen the rapid effects of global warming.

The concept behind the colour of music is GREEN festival is to incorporate traditional African music with urban current music into one festival that attract both the older and younger generation. The festival will encompass of the best traditional artists in the region of the event and the best urban artists within SA and also local upcoming musicians within the community the event will be taking place in. The festival will be an 18 hour event which will run from midday till the early morning.

The theme of the festival will be Global Warming (“The GREEN Effect”), people attending the event will be asked to wear GREEN to the festival.

The first hour of the event will be dedicated to Global warming experts, they will share relevant information about Global warming and insight on what people can do to help change the effects in their communities.

Several global warming stands will be present where people will go and get insight about global warming and it’s effects on the environment and our communities. Pamphlets and promo items will be given to individuals as a “take home” for them to study further about Global warming. These stands will also be sold to sponsors to exhibit their green initiatives to the market.

Global warming experts will be stationed at various stands giving people insight.

Ekurhuleni, Katlehong Hunters field Stadium has been booked to host the first “The Colour of Music is GREEN Festival” on the 5TH of May 2012. The event will be restricted to the age of 18 and above.

The festival will tour to 4 provinces within the year of 2012, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Free State, and the Northern Cape.”

  • Ekurhuleni, Pre Party:

    Venue: Ko Kae Ko Teng (Leondale), Ekurhuleni
    Date: 29th April 2012
    Time: 20h00 till late
    Hosts: Black Coffee alongside Kwesta “Mr Cool”
    Entrance: R 40.00

  • Main Event:

    Venue: Ekurhuleni, Katlehong Huntersfield Stadium
    Date: 05th May 2012
    Time: 11h00 till late
    MC: Mo Flava ft. Mi Casa, DJ Fresh, Teargas, etc..
    Computicket: R120, & for VIP R250 Gate: R150, & VIP R300

  • Upcoming Coming Events:

    Cape Town – 01 September 2012
    Bloemfontein – 26 October 2012Thulamahashe – 16 December 2012
    Durban – 31 December 2012


Why a Music event
Music is the one source that is able to unite, heal, entertain and inspire people all over the world, it has the ability to educate and make a difference in people’s lives.”



4 thoughts on “Rudz: The Colour of Music is GREEN.

  1. Tswaka says:

    Let’s all unite! M not gonna miss this1… This is something good

  2. mbali says:

    i believe the concept is a dope idea. a lot of people are ignorant towars global warming and the effects thereof.

    i truly hope sponsors and brands that are intiating “green living” into their entities take this opportunity to support this worthy cause and the fight against global warming.

    big up to the organisers.

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