N1 Road: 1 457 km, 16 hours and 45 mins to Live.

Then Big Sean says to me: “Do it.”

They doin’ it in CT. Where most of us are about to be, drawn in by Makhulu. Who wouldn’t relocate there right?

So. About ’em. On ’em. Check ’em out below. Wash the eyes:

‘Makhulu in Ndeble means BIG and that’s exactly what we’re all about. BIG ideas. BIG passion. BIG faith. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with clients who share the same values; companies and non-profits who are committed to making BIG changes to the way they do business (and reach out to their surrounding communities).

To date we have helped NGO’s like the Q-Fund, Baobab Connections, The African Dream Trust and Feedback to raise their public profiles. We have also assisted corporate companies like Red Bull to document their social responsibility initiatives. In Red Bull’s case we film and photograph Streetstyle, Taster, BC One, Sound Clash and other projects, events and places.

Our business has three divisions – video production, photography and graphic design.”


Click to Find ’em:









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