Nolubabalo “Babsi” Nobanda.

Paraded in front of Thai television cameras, 23-year-old Nolubabalo “Babsi” Nobanda, of Grahamstown was caught by Thai authorities for trying to smuggle 1,5 kg of cocaine matted in her hair.

The look on her face is a look of the naive leaving a little too late.

The people who coaxed her into this knew that using her youth was a bonus, all she heard was “easy money” it was a gamble but getting shit like this done is always a risk and she was probably told: “You’ll never get caught” and “They won’t suspect you.”

The things educated black females do for money…

It’s the upkeep of dating “ministers” of transport and finance.

Living the lavish life just to an expected turn.

God’s Speed.

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