Hashtags in SA.

S.A’s brightest minds on the Twitter YouKnowYouGhettoIf  hashtag>>


#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you got this picture on one of the walls in your house. <<

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you can say “I don’t know but I’M SURE he’ll be back at 2.”

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf  you know starch water.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf  you can make a meal out of bread, water and sugar.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you put ice cubes in your beer.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf the word Mistress means female teacher and nothing else.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf your dogs name is “Bobby.”

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you strictly eat rice on Sunday.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf your living room has a green light, one bedroom has a red light, the other a yellow light.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you still got the plastic overs on your couch till today.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you get to the club and tell them u on the Guest list because the host( DJ so and so) invited u to the event on Facebook.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf if a call a wall unit a ROOM DEVIDER. In-fact you are ghetto if you still got a “ROOM DEVIDER.”

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you’ve got a butchery calendar on the dining room wall.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you eat the chicken and the bones.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you stick your upper body out of the window of a moving car at a wedding.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf your first dance move is sticking your tongue out.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you and your friends hire mini bus to take you to fountain.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you call all body lotion DAWN.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you call any toothpaste COLGATE.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you call plastic bags CHECKERS.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you call a face towel a VASSLAP.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you still go shopping for “Iyngubo za Christmas.”

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you share a cigarette amongst 7 people.

#youknowyoughettoif you wear di sleepers as fashion trend.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf refer to a bottle of whiskey as iSTRAIGHT.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you still call the cinema bioscope.

#youknowyoughettoif you call it a butler instead of burglar proof.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you outline ur red lips with black eyeliner.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf call an air plane a FLY MACHINE.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you call german Sheppard’s police dogs.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you’re going to the Lil Wayne concert just to stand out side the venue all night.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you we’re a boxer and a jokey at the same time.

#YouKnowYouGhettoIf you make a fake beauty spot with eyeliner.


As soon as people stop taking offence they’ll follow the “Ghetto” hashtag and see how colourful S.A kids can be on Twitter.

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