IsiZulu: Uzobuya. Setswana: Kabomo.


But I can’t help thinking about Y-Mag (and high school) when I hear “Kabomo” he’s a sick writer man. How this came about still baffles me:


Also I unequivocally L.O.V.E this track. For real. Knucka’s a fucken all-rounder >> Below>>


– Kabomo Vilakazi

I ride these temperamental mountains for the fuck of it. To be honest… not entirely for the fuck of it, sometimes to get on something that mirrors me. I am an alcoholic. I am depressed. Sometimes… I smile. When I hear a perfect piano chord progression… I smile. I am a writer. I am a spoken word performer. I am an emcee. I am a singer. I am a musician. I am an actor. I am a music producer/arranger. I am a talent scout. I am a film maker. I am a teacher. I am an artist manager. I am an events guy. I am a director. I used to be an editor of magazines. That was a bad turn. Now I am a columnist for magazines. But mostly… and the only one that really matters… I am human. A black one for that matter. Sometimes I am a poet. The scars on my face being the only attestation to it. I am a silent giant in an overcrowded room. I am your filth. I am the story you’re too ashamed to mention on your first date. I am a besmirched secret. I am nameless. I am a statistic. I am the prodigal son who acts too cowardly to go back home. I am as present as Coltrane’s screech, as parched as Feni’s strokes, as irrepressible as Kuti’s anger. I am fearless.



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