The Elvis Blues.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped the album reach gold status.” – Elvis.

With looks like that and a name like Elvis Blue, I didn’t expect any less from the most memorable “Idol.”


Elvis Blue’s self-titled album has crossed the platinum mark, according to Universal Music South Africa.

This makes him the first South African Idols-winner to ever release a platinum-selling album.

In a statement Universal’s Benjy Mudie attributed Elvis`s success to “a combination of his passionate relationship with his fan-base, enduring hit songs like “Lighthouse”, “Save Me” and “Things my father said” , dynamic live performances and his professional hard work ethic.”

In addition to huge album sales, Elvis Blue has sold out venues across the country and shared stages with international artists such as James Blunt, Westlife and UB40.


He has also been named one of the official brand ambassadors for the 46664 Bangle initiatives. Through this opportunity he will help educate people on the social justice ethos of Nelson Mandela.

He is also the ambassador for Bavarian Motorcycles – an accredited BMW motorcycle dealer in Centurion, who gave him an “awesome, big BMW motorcycle.”


Notice how you don’t remember or even know 6 of these people:

2002 – Heinz Winckler

2003 – Anke Pietrangeli

2005 – Karin Kortje

2007 – Jody Williams

2009 – Jason Hartman and Sasha Lee Davids (??)

2010 – Elvis Blue

2011 – David van Vuuren

See? So he’s most likely to milk this “shot to stardom” thingie for all it’s got right? Yes. Cute.


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