Snoop = Neffews.

But Snoop is the most chilled out, laid back knucka on this planet man. If we all partook in smoking “that tree” and didn’t give two shits…


FC: What do you say to people who are critical of you and see you as one with a negative mindset, doing ads for liquor, doing the movies with these women, and make up their minds based on that? Then, for them to hear you saying that you are a cool brother who loves and cares. What do you have to say to those people?

SD: Well I’m a business first and foremost so whatever my business is, it’s separate from my personal. It’s like whatever I do business wise, it’s done in the business fashion whether it’s promoting , marketing, whatever I’m doing. But personally you can’t judge that and that’s what speaks volumes for me in my personal works, in my personal attributes as far as what I bring away from the business and that’s like what I’m doing today. Coming into the community, touching hands, giving hope and really trying to put something in the community that they really need. Not being from this community shows how my concern is about people and not just about me and where I come from.


FC: You are considered a legend in hip-hop. You’ve been around a long time. A lot of new rappers look up to you, may have grown up listening to you, yet we still see the brothers in the industry falling for some of the same tricks such as signing contracts and not understanding the details and losing their money or getting caught up with the law. Do you have a chance to influence them in any way? And when you run into them and talk to them what do you say?

SD: I’m Uncle Snoop. That’s the name I’ve been given in the industry because I’m like an Uncle to all of the rappers whether they are older than me or younger than me and I love giving advice. If I feel like they need some information, I give it to them, I sit them down and talk to them. I try to get all of the rappers on one page of peace, love and just having soul and just being about representing this music. This music is not made for us to fight each (other), to kill each other. It’s made for us to make people have a good time, it’s a universal language of all people. So what I try to push and promote is peace through the whole music industry. So if I see a particular rapper, and I know he has a problem with this particular rapper and I love both of them, I’m going to pull this rapper to the side and bring him in my room and talk to him and give him some understanding on why he need to stop acting stupid. And I am going to get with the other rapper and tell him the same thing. I have been in beefs and wars with rappers and conflicts with people but to be the bigger man is to end it and to put the peace hand out there to show … “hey man I don’t really have no problem with you … I don’t even want to go there with you brother. What can we do to work this out?” I try to get the rappers to understand that. It is serious when you’re having an attitude with this rapper because his friends might not take it as a joke, they might see you and take it for real and then we have another tragedy like Biggie and Tupac and we don’t need that in hip-hop right now.


FC: Years from now when the testament is written about Snoop Dogg and what kind of man he was, what do you want people to say about you?

SD: I don’t even care what they say about me. I’m here to impress only one man. He don’t live here with us. He’s on top. So that’s all I’m concerned about. My work is not for the public or for man to view or make judgment on me, I work for one person … period. That’s it. That’s all.


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