Watched ‘Californication’ recently. Forgot how that show is crazy no holds barred like it should be in a bouquet somewhere and under parental guidance, y’know to watch it you should enter some code or something.

So it also reminded me of this lame “Lesego” that knucka has his own dictionary of profanity… Really, he calls cake “pussy” like if he wasn’t in Bahrain right now doing his chefery thing he’d be telling me about “Christmas Pussy.” Damn.

And it led me to missing these two:

I L.O.V.E.D “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” It’s Larry man, that dude is crazy mad honest, sharp shooting like Yao Ming, killing common courtesy like fuck you.

But this show has just always been silly, I L.O.V.E silly. Michael Cera’s (George Bluth) dry humour nature makes this shit the shit. The obscure Bluth family will make you call home just to say “Hi.” Now THEY need help. Maybe Jesus.



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