But this is the dumbest Parody movie ever though. Never watched Paranormal Activity but I would sit through it, I just happen to hate slap-stick comedy.



Bearanormal Activity: Bearanormal Activity Dir. Alejandro Dowling With Bryan Dowling, Alisha Cardenas Travis and Julie, an average Midwestern couple, recently moved into a seemingly peaceful new apartment. Unfortunately for them, a ‘beary’ scary entity already resides there — and it wants to possess Travis. A mysterious spurt of facial hair and a secret midnight rendezvous at a gay bar is only the beginning of his transformation. Over the course of a few weeks, Julie will come to find out that her boyfriend is experiencing something called ‘bearanormal activity’, and their lives will never be the same. The film is undoubtedly a parody of Paranormal Activity, but also a satirical look at the ridiculousness of staying in the closet if you are gay.


I hate fart sounds too and so the Americans and DJ Cleo can stop it already.


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