Coming and Going.


So I was watching ‘Coming to America’ this past weekend, there must’ve been an Eddie Murphy festival on Channel what-what on DSTV or something but that’s besides the point. Point is that shit reminded me of my younger years and how much I had such a crush on Eriq La Salle AND also how far fetched it is like damn man.



But the reason I’m throwing this in here is ’cause I have this buddy on Facebook:

Bokamoso Mokola

Bokamoso Mokola

Eriq La Salle

Sick isn’t it? Like “YO!! Bokamoso? Do you know who you totally resemble?” Of course the young blood didn’t but I did triple take and convinced him who. The eyes, nose, lips and dimples are “TAKE THAT” like whaa…?!  But I got over it and said “ILL.”




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