Originals Lost.

Must be Swizz Beatz:

Gabisile Ndebele:

Legendary singer Caiphus Semenya is hopping mad with American rap kings Kanye West and Jay-Z.

The two superstars have used his song, Murder to Excellence, for their latest album, Watch the Throne.
West and Jay-Z are about to release their most talked about album, which has been in the works since last year.

Semenya worked on the song with US producer and composer Quincy Jones.

And the Nomalanga singer said he “was not aware” the two had used his song as it was the “first time he’d heard of it” when City Press contacted him.
“I know nothing about this. They didn’t even go through my publisher to get permission to use the song,” said Semenya.

“I don’t even know which song they used.”

Semenya, who has worked on numerous songs with Jones, would have spotted his name next week in Murder to Excellence’s credits.

The song, for which he and Jones are credited, was produced by Swizz Beatz.
Sounding irritated, Semenya said he had worked on many songs with Jones but no one had contacted him to inform him that the song was being sampled by the two rappers.

“Being credited doesn’t mean anything to me, they are not doing me a favour. All they should have done is go through the right channels, and tried to get hold of me to ask for permission,” he said.
“This is not an honour at all, they can’t just do this. This is my work and I should have heard what they are doing with the song and then given them the go ahead if I liked what they were doing.”

Gallo publisher Mike Nswarathle, who handles Semenya’s music rights, was also in the dark about the two rappers using his music.

“It’s difficult for us to say what we will do at this point. We are still trying to establish which song was sampled and whether it is any of those that were recorded in South Africa or when he was abroad,” he said.

Steven J. Horowitz:

Swizzy explains that he never used a Casio keyboard to make the beat for Ruff Ryders’ “Down Bottom.”

Swizz Beatz was once rumored to have been sued by Casio for the 1999 Ruff Ryders track “Down Bottom” featuring Drag-On and Juvenile. But according to the man himself, the rumor is just that.

“The sound module comes with sounds programmed in it already, so I was just looping the sound modules. Then, of course, people spun it out of control like I got sued by Casio. I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ I’ve never used a Casio in my life. That was a myth. I was using the Trinities, these silver keyboards. The Triton hadn’t come out yet,” he said. “Today—because of that story—people think I made all of that shit from a fucking Casio. I’m like, ‘How can you make those beats from a Casio?’ No disrespect, but the only Casio I’d ever seen was little. I’ve never seen a Casio that had those types of horns or that could make the type of shit I was making.”

Swizz also spoke on the equipment he used back in his Ruff Ryders days, cataloging his stock list of hardware to make beats. “My equipment list started from two BD10 Gemini turntables with a wood-grain Gemini mixer—the small one. Then I graduated to the Technic 1200’s and I got the other Gemini mixers. I always liked the Gemini mixers,” he continued. “On the production side I started out with a Dr. Rhythm drum machine, I had an old TR-808. Then my cousin’s boyfriend—who was Bobby Brown’s brother—gave me an MP60, which was my first MP. I remember hooking all that up to my turntables and that was that.”

I say: But there’s no originality anymore, that’s no secret but being noble, y’know, honour amongst musicians wouldn’t kill this Swizz lame. Foolstop.


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