Forbes List.

  1. C Category – Best Produced Album: AKA – Altar ego
  2. H Category – Best Hip Hop Album: AKA – Altar ego
  3. L Category – Best Newcomer: AKA
  4. Q Category –  Best Collaboration of the Year: AKA – ft. Tumi, HHP, Amu – “Victory Lap remix”
  5. R Category –  Best Music Video: AKA – All I know

Kiernan aka AKA

The beast IS a problem though…


But he has enough of a female following. This isn’t me out of drool,  just saying I’ma trip and fall and get clawed if I’m caught even looking in his direction, I have this female here who’ll kill you for Kiernan like for real. *Clears throat*


Black and Yellow.

So Kiernan Forbes should be on the Forbes list of something right? Agreed. GQ is only the beginning yes? Seconded.

Kamza, AKA and Buks.

If you didn’t know, the IV League knuckas are APE in production man like that shit cray. Foolstop.


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