Battlegrounds and Bulls.

Yes. > Beat Battle Jobusy 11

 When: 19 November 2011.
Where: The Blue Room, Old Park Station, Johannesburg.
Who: Professor, AKA, Khuli Chana, Oskido, Jullian Gomes, Switch.

Battling it out in the final are:

Afro Tribal Dance Movement (Freestyle),

Artistic Intelligence (Hip Hop),

Genesis Kings (Krump),

Real Actions (Pantsula),

Royal Fam Kings (Krump),

Shakers & Movers (Pantsula),

Soweto’s Finest (iSbhujwa),

and Ubuntu (B-boys)

The crews will be given the opportunity to work with some of the best choreographers and producers in the business. There they’ll be judged on their style, creativity and overall crowd reaction and the crew with the best score will be crowned the 2011 Red Bull Beat Battle champions.

Follow Red Bull Beat Battle on Twitter @RedBullZA(#RedBullBeatBattle) and check out the Red Bull Facebook Page. <Go


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