What’s a genre? Fool. Stop.

What do the following videos…



Have in common with these…


Everything. They’re what I’ll be chooning this weekend. Fucken rad shit by Hideaki Ishi man like HALT.



I looked him up as I always do when I come across something I discover and man?! His biography was like a bioscope session:

“Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Ishi dropped out of school at an early age and joined a local gang, and a few years later, the Yakuza. Early into his career as a Yakuza underling, Ishi discovered a severed singer wrapped in paper on his desk. Later, after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave the Yakuza and cut ties with the criminal underworld.

In the early 1980s, Ishi went to the movies with his girlfriend and saw the film Wild style, the first hip hop motion picture directed by Charlie Ahearn. He was inspired to become a hip hop musician, and made the firm decision to become a DJ. The day after seeing this movie, he headed to instrument shops looking for equipment. At this time the term “mixer “was unknown to most of Tokoy’s electronic store salesmen. After a hard time buying the things he needed, Ishi started his career as one of the first hip hop artists in Japan.”

Blink Blink. Foolstop. 


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