Kiernan. Foolstop.

Caught Kiernan this morning on The Expresso Show. Really though this authi is different lately, uber humble, outgrown that “arrogance” people kept saying he had and pumped for aeons man. And on stage? *Silence*

His birthday is on the 28th and I’m a 26 Januarier, joint parties? Yea right. Moving along. Kiernan like myself is bad at heights at first go and caption #1 is PRICELESS yes? Agreed.



I still say this is not AKA a few years ago. Man! But I remember this track making a statment on the “hip hop scene” awesome pioneering video yes?

Fist bump for holding it down and moving on with I.V League after Entity Split.

Also, signature moves mentioned. Yo? Ey? Move over with your “Moves like Jagger.” What? Foolstop.


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