What’s Cooking Good Lookin’.

Washing the eyes.

‘Cause I like good looking shit too.

The Romper killing it like for real, makes me want to hit a gym or get liposuction so I too can “shortisa.”

Old school illin’ it like the 70’s, this female takes it back like the time machine under my bed. It’s murder on the pin up man.

You know how I love that Fabolous featuring Ne-yo remixed track produced by Swizz Beatz  “Look At Her (Killin’ ‘Em)” right? Well now you know. Baby got boots!! From the jumpsuit to the velvet jacket right, but that ankle boot is the focal area of this outfit.

Not even going to talk about these nails, jewellery and clutch bag but it’s sick how she was made up here, like fucken’ flawless. Bow out Elizabeth Taylor ’cause Marilyn Munroe is black in her next life. About to kill for Keri’s stylist and gag her hair-stylist for this ensemble.

I see a murder case every time I take a look at this girls shoes though!! Really. Cute as a button in her LBD (Little Black Dress) but where in the world to they make heels like this? I wanna live there. Please?

Then she yellow tape anywhere she chillin’ at. ‘Cause I be bugging out over these bugzee sunglasses. Cute for decades, ’cause aliens have always been uber cool. And, also, God bless her hair for behaving everytime.

Kriss Kross did say “Jump, jump, you know, you should know that.”  So lets hala at the jumpsuit which is big “this season” but it’s the colouring that nailed shit. Yes, she did go green, purple and black in a subtle way. We thank her stylists yet again but this time for the braces on her wrists and the green nicknack.

I don’t know what  a “Bag Lady” is but I religiously know Kimmy is the “Hat Lady.” Best by far here above, what you would call #1…

…Followed by this. It only came in second place ’cause it’s white, I don’t look good in white so I’m hating. Still admitting the hat it pumpin’ though.

I have decided that I’ll have blazers made for me as I’m struggling to find perfect duds like this. Thanks for rubbing it in with the collar-less faded orangey colour. Dying rapidly.

Cropped Jacket! Cropped Jacket! Cropped Jacket! Call the coroner! I love this like marry me. And I think I’ve seen those sunglasses elsewhere too…

… Oh there!

Right. We don’t need to have this talk right? This will be all. L.O.V.E.

Harem pants doing it crazy like madness.  So, only Nicole can pull shit off like a woolie waterfall tied to the waist. Casual we all wish for for millenniums.

You had me at “This jacket is SO nice” damn it to hell!!  So there’s that and also, acknowledge the accessories (Hint: rings, rings, rings!!) Gorgeous right? Next.

Fucken’ awesome military jacket man!! Say what you like about the Nazi’s but their sense of fashion was ON POINT. Straight up precision, hate the scarf but props and kudos to and for this jacket is a killer (pun intended.) We’ll have a talk about the hair on Judgement Day.

These personal stylists have their fingers on the pulse ’cause when she does MURDER it’s mass!! The pantsuit is something I’m looking in investing in after this ’cause chic and slick is what 2012 is going to be looking like.

This shit is bauws, show stopping and everything is the focus. I had a new found respect for this girl after this piece ’cause GOD!! Who has ever done this? Stop, drop and roll.



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