Reality. Foolstop.

Their Reality. Foolstop.

Man, I took time out to watch these people that are only different ’cause a few more people know them and their bank balances are a little more colourful:

Might have been a brilliant idea by ETV to broadcast “Reality Shows” on a more national level or a major blunder, either way my timeline on Twitter always buzzes when these shows are on, especially when it’s that short guy in the yellow shirt’s turn, he drives rad cars…

These are just doccies of people’s lives that we already know everything about but thanks for the repetitive marketing, lessons you learn from  brands like Coca Cola.

Anyway this show:

Is about guy letting us into his luxury rap lifestyle, he says: “In this world you only need two things; oxygen and money.” And in this reality of himself, there is no wife and kids so they must be fiction. His reality is females like Eda Rose (So dubbed Gold digger) We thank them for sharing:

Zola 7… I mean Rolling with Zola is about helping rising stars “make it.” His advice: “Don’t respond to media slander and don’t openly flirt with your exes and you’ll be fine in this industry.” He seems to be some kind of SA god seeing everyone’s out to get him, fuck that shit man.

That phone call on the radio of an employee of  that unnamed media company stating “I was paid to talk trash about Zola” was the cherry of his “reality” how convenient, where’s his family also since they were so hell bent on having “shows” I’m never watching again until I see girlfriends getting beaten and snot nosed kids being picked on.

Don’t go thinking I watch American shows either, that shit sucks ass, watching them doing dinner parties and stabbing each others backs isn’t all that real either. I’d rather order a hilarious status with twenty likes on the side, I’m sure no one wants to watch me eat popcorn and play X-Box right?

Okay this show:

There’s family, there’s being stood up on dates and rejection. I don’t remember why I was watching the show, oh yea the pretences, so they speak English at their house. Yup! And the mom is super strict. They’re on the red carpet and look like they always do in interviews,more acting? You don’t say. Damn. Their reality is uber cool man, they were born with weaves and make up, awesome stuff.

Everyone’s reality sucks to the next person. Foolstop.


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